Why is domain privacy protection a must in today’s tech world?

Information is easily accessible everywhere these days. Information is a crucial factor that every new business uses to enhance their business & improve the customer experience. Every new business needs correct data to enhance the workflow, but what if this data gets into the wrong hands? Well, information or data leaks have become quite a common problem in the cyber world. Hackers these days can easily hack the websites of businesses and misuse personal data and information, thereby costing millions of losses for the organization. This is where domain protection software comes to the rescue.

Read on to know how domain privacy protection software is saving millions of business websites from getting hacked and misused.

A brief about domain protection software

Despite applying different preventive measures, the company data and information is always prone to cyberattacks. Brand protection software is basically an added protection that protects the website from getting manhandled. Here’s how it works.

When a domain name is registered, the WHOIS stores all the personal information & records all personal details including IP address, email and so on. WHOIS is basically a database which has contact & registration information for the domain names. Domain protection software helps to protect all the data in the WHOIS records from hackers.

What are the benefits of this software?

Following is the list of benefits that businesses can achieve from this extra protection:

  • Protection against leakage of personal information

This particular protective software ensures that all personal information like the IP address, emails, and names is encrypted & not accessible through any public record. As an advantage, the hackers won’t get access to any information easily and fail to misuse them.

  • Does not allow advantages for the competitors

In every industry competition is high. Competitors of a business can use the domain registration name of that business to gain better insights about the brand and how it operates. Competitor brands keep no stone unturned to occupy the market by getting an idea about how the business works, its customer relations and so on. Brand protection software won’t give any chance to the competitors to get access to its personal information.

  • Prevents scams and spam calls & emails

Brand protection software can stop email phishing by protecting the data from getting compromised. As the email id and phone numbers of employees get protected, spam calls and cyber-attacks will get reduced.

  • No scope for selling of personal information

Selling personal information from a business to a 3rd party vendor is quite a common problem these days. Without brand protection software, hackers can easily get access to the personal information of customers of a brand and then sell them to other companies. Once the information is sold to different marketers, the customers will start getting constant spam emails & phone calls from different ids and numbers.


Cyber-attacks and privacy breaches are increasingly growing these days. Therefore to stop the data from getting compromised, installing domain protection software is a must these days!