Maintenance Checklist for a Better Home

There are several things in any home that you need to keep a tab on regularly in order for them to run smoothly. Your home will not be the absolute best it can be if it’s not properly maintained. Each season requires a different set of things that need to be taken care of. A home’s overall look and comfort lies in the smallest of details, which could be having a much larger impact on it than a lot of homeowners realize. You should know every part of your home, even things like how often to replace smoke detectors, because this can significantly impact quality of your life, making a lot of other tasks much easier for you to accomplish as well.

To ensure that no part of your home is neglected, create a maintenance checklist for your home, preferably for every time of the year, so you can always rest assured that there’s nothing in your home that could be going wrong without your knowledge.

Following is a list of things to keep in mind when monitoring your home and trying to cater to all of its potential issues.

Test Alarms and Detectors

The first thing in your maintenance checklist should certainly be something that is related with your home’s safety. Testing things like smoke and leak detectors should always be a top priority, since it’s what keeps your home safe from potentially huge disasters. An alarm that doesn’t work when needed is absolutely useless, and devices like this can stop working if they haven’t been used or checked on in a long time. This is why it is very important to make sure all of your detectors and alarms are in perfect condition. You can perform this checkup once every two months and replace their batteries if needed.

Clean Windows and Doors

Windows and doors in your home give you a clear view of what is going on outside. This refers to glass doors, if there are any, and all windows that could help you secure your home better. This is a particularly important part of home security, since dirt on windows can act as an obstruction, making it much easier for intruders to hide around your home and break in at the most convenient time. Furthermore, this has a lot to do with hygiene. Make sure to clean these at least twice a week for a better looking home.


Insulation helps maintain a home’s temperature; it help keep your home warmer in winters, and cooler in the summer. By getting insulation, you can take off some of your thermostat’s load, because it will not have to work as hard to maintain your home’s temperature, especially in harsh weather. Aside from that, this will significantly increase your home’s value, since insulation is something a lot of buyers look for in a home when browsing. Replace your insulation, or add it to your home according to the weather.

Re-polish Furniture

To make your home look newer and more sophisticated, you certainly do not need to invest heavily in  all new furniture. What you can do instead is re-polish your existing furniture, or repair it to look as good as new. Not only will this save you valuable time and money, it will also give you an interesting new project to work on for your home, since this is something that can be done at home with only a few basic skills and tools. Your home will look much better, and it will also give you a sense of accomplishment since you will have done it yourself.

Garden Maintenance

Your home’s outdoor appearance is just as important as indoor appearance. Make sure you don’t neglect your garden, since this can leave a very bad first impression to anyone who visits. This is especially unappealing to buyers as well, since it gives the impression that the home is difficult to maintain. Care for your garden; this will not only make your home look absolutely beautiful, but will also give you a place to sit and relax after a tiring day, surrounded by your nature.

Garage Maintenance

A garage provides direct access to your home. While its main purpose is to keep your vehicles, a garage serves many secondary purposes as well. If done right, garage maintenance can lead to a better look and better security for your home. Keep things organized. Do not dump unnecessary things in your garage. Make sure you oil garage door opener chain and door hinges, so that you never have to face any issues when operating it. This will add a lot of convenience to your life, something which every homeowner strives for.


A well-maintained home comes with multiple benefits. Not only does it make your home a more comfortable place to live in, it also makes it much safer. Several sensitive matters of a home are included in its maintenance; if these things aren’t kept in check, they are at risk of becoming a health hazard. Moreover, this might save you a lot of money on repair or replacement costs, since you will most likely be able to detect any faults before they inflict too much damage on your home.